Esmee Gloria's story

How it started and how it's going

Esmee Gloria Brouwers was born in Bogotá, Colombia. She was given up for adoption shortly after birth. As a highly sensitive person this left a huge mark on her. 

As a young girl Esmee Gloria's developed a intense love for music. It brought out her cheerful, bubbly side and helped her cope with her difficult past. The Dutch couple that adopted Esmee Gloria nurtured this by signing her up for musical theatre when she was about 7 years old. Esmee got to spend her whole childhood dancing, singing and acting and hasn't stopped since. 

Once Esmee Gloria turned sixteen, things started to get more serious. She was proposed to take part in an orientational program for young singers. After completing this program she successfully got in to two preparatory programs at Fontys School of Arts and Artez Academy of Music respectively without any formal training in music. Once the time came to audition for a Bachelor’s programme, Esmee Gloria's chose a different route, taking a break from  music for about four years. 

 At an all time low due to terrible postpartum depression in 2022, Esmee Gloria  felt called to get back to her first love: music. Today she writes heartfelt songs based on her own personal experiences and feelings. Exploring themes such as self-love, trauma, relationships and feminity. 

Her versatile, dark voice, harmonic arrangements influenced by pop, r&b and soul with rhythmic delivery shape her distinctive and mature sound. 

Currently busy with building an audience online, Esmee Gloria dreams of becoming a full time musician, while being able to provide for her son as a single mother. 

In the future Esmee will be posting lots of her own work, covers, live performances and more. Please join her e-maillist to support her on this journey! 


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